How to drive leads with interactive experiences on your website

Make Your Website a Conversion Machine With Interactive Experiences

You’ve spent a small fortune on a snazzy website, brand redesign, social media ads, and email marketing — only to have prospects yawn and click over to a competitor or viral cat video.

What’s up with that, and how can you stop the bleeding?

Your prospects are getting smarter, more demanding, and impatient by the minute. Buyer behavior is changing, and they can see right through your salesy lead form. They’re never been more guarded with their contact information (let alone their credit cards), and you’ll have to do better than an opt-in form to earn either.

Yes, content’s still king. But your content strategy needs to evolve, just like your buyers have.

How so? Make the conversation about them, just like you would on a date. (At least the kind of date that leads to a second date.)

Make Your Website a Conversion Machine With Interactive ExperiencesLike a good conversation, content that’s compelling, timely and relevant to each individual reader is interactive content. Examples include quizzes, assessments, trivia, calculators, visitor-specific pricing or promotions, and more.

Interactive content isn’t just great for your web visitors. It’s also great for your bottom line, nearly doubling the engagement you’d get with static content. But the benefits don’t stop there. Interactive content is more memorable, leaves a lasting impression, breeds trust, arms you with buyer behavior data, and begets the holy grail of marketers: more sales.

It’s not hard to see why:

Interactivity is the difference between a sales rep who sounds like a broken record and delivers the same, tone-deaf, “verbal diarrhea” pitch to every prospect and a sales rep who earns trust by cultivating a dialogue and responding to her prospect’s specific interests.

Your website is the first sales person your customer will encounter. What kind of sales rep do you want it to be?

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you grab your visitors’ hearts and wallets before you lose another sale.

(If you do nothing else, for the love of Pete, kill some of the sales-killing practices we’ve identified in this resource.)

Let us show you how.

Download Our 10-Step Interactive Content Guide


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