Interactive experiences are in.

Static vs. Interactive

What’s the difference between lead forms and interactive experiences?

Let’s get real for a second — not as a marketer, but as a consumer. When you go to a site to research a brand, you know that dreaded lead form is coming. You just know that little bugger is there waiting for you. In fact, you’re kind of daring that website to show it to you so you can just close out and be done with it. You say in your head, “Give me your best shot, website!” because you know, as a marketer, that so many sites have tried and failed to truly give you a reason to fill out that pesky little form.

Want a compelling reason for visitors to provide their information? Simple. Don’t make it a lead form. Make it an interactive experience.

Interactive content is 94% more effective in converting web traffic.

Source: Demand Metric Customer & Buyer Journey Benchmark Report

Types of Interactive Content

Examples of How to Use Interactivity In Your Lead Generation Efforts

IC Assessment

Which type of interactive content is best for me?

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